Rough end even after a trim

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I have highly porous (obviously, haha!), 4a hair. I'll start off with my routine at of late (I've been wearing twists and a weekly twist out)

Wash Day
-Detangle hair (usually just with an oil or with Giovanni 50/50 condish)
-Wash with Earthly Delight Shampoo w/ TTO and Rosemary oil and/or Aubrey Organics Clarifying Shampoo (for my terrible build-up)
-Deep Condition with AOHSR for at least an hour
-Rinse with cool water and apply KCKT
-Twist, spraying my hair when needed with a mixture of water, aohsr and kckt. I seal with jojoba oil and shea butter as i go

I just gave myself a light trim after I noticed some of my ends looking raggedy. I still have a few fairy knots (but those are inevitable, so i'm not worried about them) but it was a nice trim. However, i notice that some of my ends still look pretty rough. No split ends or indication that I need a trim, and the ends in the back of my head look and feel pretty smooth (see first picture). It seems to really only affect the top, front and sides of my head (see second picture). I guess that texture on this part of my head makes it harder to seal the cuticle and I've heard some good things about aloe vera gel. What do you think? Should i give it a try?

Also, does anyone have a recommendation for a moisturizer for re-twisting during the week or for when i want added moisture after a leave-in? I don't seem to need it as my hair feel quite moisturize and never abnormally dry (you know how it is, porous ladies), except for on those pesky ends. But i've seen that some women use a leave-in, then some sort of moisturizer, then a sealant.

thanks so much!
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    Your hair may need extra moisture, especially if your hair is very dry. Here's a suggestion:

    1. After you trim a section of hair, coat that section (especially the ends) with a deep conditioner.

    2. Shampoo: Add some baking soda to a low-poo shampoo, such as baby shampoo. Or just use theclarifying shampoo and wash your hair once. You maybe stripping your hair too much instead of just removing the build-up.

    3. KCKT did not moisturize my hair at all; in fact it made it dry. You may need a heavier leave-in such as Aubrey Organics Sea Buckthorn or Taliah Waajid Protective Mist Bodifier. You can use these products as often as you like to keep your hair moisturized between shampoos. I suggest using the leave-in on your ends twice a day.

    4. After the leave-in, you can also seal your ends with a heavy oil or butter, like castor oil or shea butter. Aloe vera gel makes my hair hard and dry, but it may work for you.

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    Usually the ends are indicative of how the rest of the hair is feeling. It may not show as much because new growth looks better than the older parts of your hair.

    Your sealing/moisturizing routine looks good. Your shampoo may be too stripping. I went through this recently as well and washing with Cream of Nature gave my hair new life. Now I alternate because like you, I want my scalp to stay clean.

    Now when I shampoo, I concentrate the shampoo on my scalp. I put some cheap condish like Trader Joe's on my ends while I'm shampooing my scalp so that the shampoo doesn't dry my ends out. This technique is what was called Modified CG. Give it a try.
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