Any cg wavies out there who can share their beginning stories to help

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Are there any wavy haired girls out there who are willing to share their stories about when they started cg? It seems that with more curly hair people seem to get results right away but with wavy hair it seems it gets worse before it gets better.

I am day 3 of cg. This morning was my first low-poo wash (since clarifying) (and only a teeeny drop of shampoo) of garnier pure clean shampoo and then co washed with the matching conditioner. I squeezed the water out of my hair and scrunched in A/G recoil activator, then air dried.... Its UGLY. Yes its a little wavier but it also LOOKS like I haven't brushed my hair, its messy flat and just eww. Please tell me there is hope in the future, I know some of you have gone through this but when did you start seeing results? (especially anyone who has similar hair to mine - pics after my hair dried today are below).

also...will diffusing make it a little more presentable next time? I am NOT going out in public like this, its another hair up day.
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    I will be glad to share my story with you. But may I first say, I see some great potential in your hair. You may benefit from the techniques sticky, and you may also try experimenting with gel. Before I came here, I thought I hated gel. But once I learned you can scrunch out the crunch, leaving well defined frizz reduced or even free waves, I gave it a go, and now I won't style with out it.

    So my CG story starts with me running out of my staple at the time, Marc Anthony Strictly Curls lotion. I was freaking out because I had looked 3 different stores, and could not find it. So, I went online to search for places I could buy it, or for a replacement.
    I found
    It was a ton of info and more than a little overwhelming, but for a few days I kept coming back and reading, and reading. I then decided, why not give a try? After all, my hair could use some moisture, it was a little on the dry side (how naive I was). I didn't want to break the bank if it turned out this method wasn't for me, so I took my time and researched my hair's properties, looking at threads and siggies to see what others were using that would be reasonably cheap. I settled on SN coconut for a co-wash (I already HAD it anyway so no money lost there) Renpure My Pretty Hair is Parched for RO and LI, Organix coconut for a low-poo, and LALSG for gel.
    I did my final sulfate wash, and also used Ion clarifier to make extra sure there was no build up. I followed that with ApHogee 2 step PT, and just used the condish that came with it for a DT.
    I had never ever intentionally not washed my hair for a day. So that part was hard to get used to. CO-washing also took a lot of getting used to. How could my hair be clean with no suds? No squeaky-ness? The first week was horrible. My second day hair was always dry and frizzy, and I would just put it up. I then decided to try out coconut oil pre poos and FSG, so I went and bought the stuff for that. Both were pretty much life changing for me! Coconut oil co-washed out fairly easy, and my extra dry stiff canopy started feeling moisturized and soft. The FSG was an instant WOW. Great clumps, waves and ringlets I didn't even know I had, just fantastic.
    But I was having some issues with co-washing and I was trying hard to put off low-pooing but my normally dry scalp and hair felt greasy, and I just couldn't deal with that. So I re-read the sticky in the no-poo thread and realized I wasn't continuing the friction while I rinsed, and it made a world of difference in co-washing.
    I was doing IAgirl's gelatin PT followed by a DT of usually my own homemade concoctions, since finding 'cone free DT's on ground was infuriating, every week. I was using coconut oil pre-poo treatments nearly every time I washed.
    The first month or so was spent experimenting with the different techniques, and asking tons of questions here (and always got good advice from wonderful ladies), until I finally found a routine that worked.
    I did low-poo as needed because I would rather take longer to transition and have presentable hair, than to walk around with yucky hair but transition quicker.
    Anyway, it's been 3 or so months for me, and I now realize how incredible thirsty my poor strands were, as the canopy is just now starting to hold moisture for longer than one day. I wish I had known about CG a long time ago!
    It takes time, and experimentation, and there will be days you want to shave your head, and days where you can't believe your hair could look so good. But eventually you and your hair will be BFF's. :)
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    I started this CG routine in the last week also and I've had decent results. My hair is very fine and was always straight growing up. I've developed a lot of wave since having my 4 children and decided to go CG for 1 month to see the results. I did start with a trim of a few inches on my hair to get rid of some of the damage and lighten the load on my hair. After the trim I did a baking soda wash and apple cider vinegar rinse on my hair to get rid of all the old junk. I then used a kirkland conditioner to CO wash and got out and scrunched my hair very little immediately after the shower. I'm going to purchase a curl defining cream I found great reviews on this site for and there are a few other products I'd like to try.

    For me, the less I play with my hair after the shower, the better. It seems like the more I scrunch it the flatter and frizzier/puffier it looks. If I scrunch each part only once or twice I seem to get nicer results.

    I'm still trying to iron out some of the finer points, but the CO-washing with and clarifying with sulfate free seem to help. I think it also helps to find products that people with hair similar to your hair are having success with. I'm thinking in a week I'll post before and after pictures.
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    Sure I'll share.

    I haven't always been curly or really wavy either. I just thought I had frizzy poofy hair. During pregnancy with my second daughter (5 yrs ago) I noticed my normally straight was was going wavy underneath. I thought, ok, hormones, so I straightened, and then straightened more. Over the years more and more parts of my scalp were starting to wave to the point that my normal routine of combing and brushing was making me frizzy and Xmas tree like. It got to the point I was worried the damage I was doing having to flat iron my hair literally every time I washed it. I remember doing a search for "products for naturally curly hair" and boom, here I was at this place. I spend a week reading everything, realizing I've been naive thinking my hair is frizzy when it was probably going curly/wavy.

    I remember doing my last sulfate wash, then cowashing (Suave), detangling in the shower, losing hair and thinking omg I'm going bald, getting out, applying the suave as a leave in since I had nothing else, plopped, and waited... oh my, when I pulled that plopping tshirt off my head I just about fainted on the waves and curls I had. Over that first week or so, I was dealing with frizz, yes, stringy hair in the morning. I cowashed everyday at first, hated the weird feeling on my hair. I got a well needed trim, did my first protein treatment (mayo) also learned how to use baking soda and ACV rinses which REALLY helped my scalp get used to not shampooing. It took months for my front parts (like bangs area) to actually start waving. Those were the parts that were the most damaged due to being in the sun all the time, freezing in the winter, and being touched all the time. About 30% of my head was partially straight until I cut off the fried ends from yrs of fighting the frizz and waves.

    Its been years (stat in my sig) and I've had to adjust the routine a but. I noticed I lost (visible) hair from detangling in the shower with my fingers, so I now actually use a wide tooth comb when I get out of the shower to comb it to stop clumping, (I know WHY do that, lol! But clumping made my scalp show through all over). After that, I then apply some leave in and some gel, then plop. I get the same results but less clumping, but I'm ok with that. I also have to sulfate shampoo from time to time since I think the hard water here builds up on my hair and baking soda just doesn't cut it on its own.

    I think knowing your hair properties will REALLY help you know what your hair needs and what to possibly stay away from. I know my hair needs both protein and moisture since I have porous hair. Its also VERY fine so anything with oils will weigh it down and make it look stringy.

    I think patience is key here, you have to remember to try not to be bound by the no sulfate no cones... We are all different and every hair type is slightly different in some way. If you find you need to sulfate wash every week, do it, its better then washing EVERY day.

    Good luck. I think your hair looks really nice in those pics, doesn't look messy at all.
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    jvdb we're almost in the same boat. My hair looked a lot like yours if I did nothing to it and just let it air dry. That was about two years ago now and I was still blow drying it straight because I hated it. And I have a trusty hair clip that I have used every day for the past four to six weeks. Some days I leave the house and looks fine and by 11am it's up. Some days it's up before I leave the house. I am still just trying to figure out what the heck it wants. I've only been on my cg journey for a couple of months.
    My hair started waving five years ago and has increased over time. I have no idea how much wavier or curlier it's going to get but this year I finally stopped blow drying it straight and I'm trying to work with it instead of fight it.
    This site has TONS of info. And I would highly recommend using the salon finder section to find a stylist in your area. If you can find a pro who really knows wavy/curly hair it will help. I've always cut my hair on my own, but that's when it was straight. I know I'm out of my league on this so I'm going to a pro I just found and maybe she can give me a cut that will help me on my way. She might also be able to help me figure out if I need more protein or deep conditioner or something.
    The point is you're not alone. :) Just be patient and just keep trying. And find a hair clip you love for your up-do emergency. :)
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    Sure i'll share my initial experiences with you! :D
    My decision to go CG first started when I found this strange hair care technique online that asked for participants to stop using all hair care products with silicons and sulfates and instead use baking soda and ACV washes. At first I was COMPLETELY disgusted by such a hippie movement XD After a while though I was intrigued by the possible benefits my hair would attain through such a hair care method.

    THUS, I did baking soda and ACV washes. However I realized my hair would get very dry through this method. I googled solutions and found! :love10: I proceeded to read about co-washing and asked members through forums and realized that, that was the method I had to try!

    I had no huge transition period, but instead immediate results. My hair was so much softer, frizz free, and developing awesome curls! I initially went for the cheapest products possible such as suave naturals, and little to no styling products. However from there i began experimenting with other products and curlies would rave about!

    I suggest using the search bar religiously for product reviews, and products that fellow curlies use during certain weather/dew points/etc.
    Also find the methods stickie and check if any of them are for you!
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    There is a before and after for wavies thread that might be helpful. Techniques have been the biggest help to many of us. The rest is just learning more about our hair and taking better care of it.

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    Honestly I can't really remember if I had a transition period when I first started going CG. I do know that I always thought I had this wild, poufy hair that just wouldn't behave though! But then stylists started commenting that I had some wave to my hair even though I didn't believe them. The one good thing is that I really didn't have any heat damage since I rarely (like 1x/3-4 mnths) blow dried my hair and never straightened.

    But I think I've had the best hair of my life this past year or so. Yes, some days still look like a hot mess but that's what ponytails and buns are for. ;)

    Just stick with it for awhile and try to find people with similar hair properties so you can see what works and what doesn't.
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