straightening hair without the poof?

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I'm going to a concert August 21st *I know I know it's kind of early to be worrying but I do!* I want to go with something differant with my hair.. Lately since the heat and humidity I've left it go natural which is a 3A I believe... But for the concert I would like to straighten it.. any tips on straightening it without it getting frizzy after a while? Usually to straighten it I shampoo/condition than let it air dry *Its so thick and my arms hurt after drying it for so long :(* and than straighten it which takes about 2 hours.... But If I have to blow dry I will.... I just don't know what I should do with it :(


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    When I straighten my hair I let it air dry and then when I am straightening it, I take it all up, except for small sections at a time, and then I run the straightener really slow over it until it's nice and straight. It will take longer, but then it looks awesome when you are done. :) I love straightening peoples hair... haha Want me to come over and do it for you? jk :D
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