Quick! Need Products to Stock Up On by Tomorrow!

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so right now I'm in the US of A and will be catching my plane back to Canada Sunday morning..
I figure no better time so stock up on hair products...
HOWEVER,,,, I just bleached alot of highlights into my almost black...mmm.. below bra strap length hair.
before the highlights it was doing GREAT now once again I have almost no actual curl form just a few half-assed ringletts here and there and a bunch of stretched out wave type ... things.

I need some new products.. mostly for moisture. I want to help my hair out 'n try to get it back in commission... right now i'm scared to run my fingers through it.. breakage is not an option... my hair is sacred to me. haha!

so basically I'm looking for products that can be bought at a drug store.... I AM willing to splurdge at Sally B's. but I'd like to keep in a budget.

gels that can stand up to humidity yet won't kill my hair in the sub 40 canadian praries.
creams!! I love creams and leave in's... but haven't a clue as to which to even look at
and I was wondering what everyone else thought of.. if used... the pantene resoratives line... i used to the cond. that you know.. repairs 2 years of damage in a month,, whatever. i think it worked alright! but other reviews are very welcome...

thanks a bunch guys!!
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