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I have a few DTs and PTs that require heat. For some reason I can justify spending the money on products, but not the Hair Therapy Wrap that I've seen on various websites. Not sure why; maybe I'm just weird like that.

Anyhoo, I was browsing the Sally's website to see what I could get on the ground and I found the Hydracaps for under $4. They come four to a package. You place a Hydracap on your head after you put the conditioner in, set your blow dryer to the hot setting, and direct it to the edges of the cap so that it shrinks to your head. I did this with my Curl Fix tonight and it was neat to see it shrink to the contours of my head, not to mention the steam that formed underneath the plastic.

It seemed to do the trick; I rinsed out and my hair was amazingly soft. I really liked the results.

I haven't tried the Saran Wrap method yet; this seemed easier that getting tangled in a roll of plastic. The Hydracap is apparently the same sort of shrink wrap used to wrap gift baskets. While I guess you can buy a roll of the shrink wrap, it's so crinkly that it would be difficult to wrap it around your head.

Have any of you tried the Hydracaps? What has been your experience? I'm going to try the Saran Wrap next week when I DT.
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