New Here - Product Advice For 3 Year Old

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Hello all,

I have a 3 year old daughter who is a curly. Her father and I both have wavy hair and until she was born I had never even given thought to the idea of having a curly haired child.

I need product advice. Right now we are using the Johnson & Johnson shampoo for toddlers with curly hair. Then I use a detangler. But her hair is always getting knotted up and bath time is just a nightmare because she hates having her hair done. And even after it's done when it dries it frizzes a bit. I know it can look better and there has to be a way to get through a daily routine without her ending in tears because her hair is such a mess.

Here is a photo:


I comb her hair with a large pik, if there is something different I should be using to style her hair, I'd love to know that too.

Thanks everyone!


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    I just had to post that your daughter is sooooo gorgeous and her hair looks pretty good in that pic
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    I just had to post that your daughter is sooooo gorgeous and her hair looks pretty good in that pic

    Ah, thank you! It doesn't always look that good. Here is more of a "normal" day:


    I'd like it to look as good every day is it does in that first picture. But that's about 2 hours of work and lots of crying and tears. That's why we need product suggestions. She gets horrible tangles in her hair, and enough work and patience we can get through it, but there has to be something that makes it easier.

    I hope.
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    Kinky curly knot today
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    My 3 year old has hair similar to your little one. We used to do battle over her hair because it was so painful for her to have it brushed but it was always a tangled mess! I discovered CG and stopped brushing her hair dry. I also stopped using shampoo for the most part. Usually I co-wash her hair with Suave naturals conditioner once a week. Every other day I spray with lavender water and get it almost completely wet. Then usually I run a dab of conditioner through it with my fingers or a wide tooth comb. Then I rake Curly Q's Curly Q gel-lesic through her hair and scrunch. Perfectly frizz free curls that last through most of the day and no more tangles. She also sleeps on a satin pillowcase. photo.php?fbid=1874421136314&set=a.1803820371339.2092681.1114762448&type=1&theaterphoto.php?fbid=1874421136314&set=a.1803820371339.2092681.1114762448&type=1&theater