Cantu Shea Butter Leave- in Conditioner

Nini_luv5Nini_luv5 Registered Users Posts: 34
Who has used it?
What do you think?

*please answer from your experiences not youtubes :)


  • NaturalBeauty79NaturalBeauty79 Registered Users Posts: 256
    I used it! My bf bought it for him self but I took it. It smells great nothing amazing I would say for my hair atleast
  • PopMamiPopMami Registered Users Posts: 12
    Oh yes I love it too. But im thinking of starting to make my own products in order for %100 natural products.!
  • 3c4d7zwhatevs3c4d7zwhatevs Registered Users Posts: 1,589
    There are several threads on this product, in the review section and in the 4a section - just do a search using Cantu.

    I used it and like it for awhile, but then it started disagreeing with my gels and I would have to let it soak in for awhile before applying a styler. I just quit buying it as I found products that did a better job moisturizing my hair and started learning about ingredients. My hair likes shea butter, and Cantu has more of other ingredients that aren't helpful to my hair than it has shea butter.
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    I used it a while ago, and maybe my technique was off ( with sealing etc) but I found that it left my hair very dry, and curdled my stylers....I swapped it. As you can see, all hair definitely is different. See if you can get a small one and try for yourself. HTH
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  • NaturalBeauty79NaturalBeauty79 Registered Users Posts: 256
    I just used it again but I made it my own! I added real Shea butter coconut oil evoo Aussie 3 min deep condish bio infusion moisturizer whipped it together and will see how my hair feels in the morning
  • AmazinnaturalAmazinnatural Registered Users Posts: 755
    I've used it while I was relaxed and now the im naturals I will say that I love this stuff; its now drying on my hair and adds plenty moisture to my hair. You can mix it with other oils or butters to make it a little thicker; but now the less I do recommend and its also great for 2 strand twist:

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