I don't get what's going on

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I can't tell what's going on with my hair. I definitely feel like it's thinning out. I can't tell if it's breaking or shedding, most of it seems like it's falling out at the roots. Whenever i bring it up to whomever is cutting my hair they say it's thick, but I feel like the ends are thinning out.

I use FAST shampoo and condish (because I want long hair more than anything, which makes this SO frusterating) and then usually put in some morrocan oil / antisnap from redken. Does anyone have any advice :( Ive been trying to grow my hair out for the last four years but I can't get it much past my shoulders!


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    If you can, capture those shed hairs (through detangling, or wherever you find them) and get a good look at them. If you find any hint of a "root" on there (a bulb-shaped blob, although in shed hairs, it's smaller than in ones pulled out by force) - then those hairs were shed or pulled from your scalp.

    If there is no evidence of a root and/or the hairs are usually shorter segments than your hair's length, they are broken hairs.

    If you want to really get to the bottom of it, collect them in a plastic bag and count what percentage are shed vs. broken to see whether you are breaking more hair than you're shedding.

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