Advice for this Desperate Transitioner

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So in need of help ;( any and every advice is welcomed just need help on this new journey!


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    Um, what's your current routine like? How long have you been transitioning? What are you worried/struggling with?
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    Well let me break it down! I co wash every single day co washing with Aussie or suVe naturals or whTever condish I can get a hold of. I shampoo Almst never but use organics when I do. Deep condish twice a week. Also do a cholesterol mix with diff oils once a week: never use heat. Always spray bottle handy with water evoo coconut oil condish glycerin etc
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    Okay..but what issues are you having? You need to explain what's wrong. What isn't working?
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    Nea wrote: »
    Okay..but what issues are you having? You need to explain what's wrong. What isn't working?


    Are you having trouble detangling? Issues with breakage? Dry new growth?
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    I suggest watching youtube videos on "transitioning"

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