I almost had a relapse!!

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****I APOLOGIZE IN ADVANCE FOR SUCH A LONG POST****** Ok I been transitioning for almost 5 months, and my hair is around neck length. The problem I was having with my hair is the nape area was breaking off EXTREMELY BAD, to the point where it was literally the length of the tip of my finger. My first decision was to stretch my relaxer longer from every 3 months to 6 months, but in the midst of that's stretch I decided "Hey, why not just go completely natural?" So that's what I decided to do. Well lately I've actually been thinking about just going back to relaxers twice a year until I talked to my best friend (who is also going natural). I talked to her and she gave me some suggestions on things that I could do and reassured me that we were in this together. I know I don't wanna go back to relaxers, I was just looking for a better way to manage and deal with my hair since its at an awkward length. So being that I talked to her I'm getting braids this week and I'll be looking for a nice wig for right now.



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    I was just about to suggest a trim and maybe a protective style, so you're not too worried about what's going on with your hair. Just remember to keep the braids properly moisturized.
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    Okay thanks. Will do


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