Sorry, new at this (can't figure out curl type)

HauteMademoiselleJackieHauteMademoiselleJackie Posts: 3Registered Users
I can't figure out how to edit and put a new picture in, so I'm making another one. Am I 2b?
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    m-c iii-ii | loose spirals with ringlets
  • KurlyPrincessKurlyPrincess Posts: 1,847Registered Users
    3b?? I think... :D btw, your hair is very pretty!
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  • plunkybugplunkybug Posts: 2,526Registered Users
    I'd guess 3a...or 2c/3a FIA, but I can't say about the hair properties. And it is the properties that are more important than curl type. Curl type can be so subjective...

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    I would call it at 2C curl-wise, or maybe 3A. Definitely 2C if it looks more like waves when you don't have as many layers.

    But as previously noted, to get it into tip-top shape, you need to know the kind of hair it is, not how bendy it is. Figure out its

    Texture - is it tiny hairs (fine) big substantial individual hairs (coarse) or average (medium) or a mix of these

    Porosity - is it resistant to water, chemicals, straightening? Don't get split ends? That's probably LOW porosity. If it bleaches up fast, gets wet quickly and dries quickly, or is damaged, splits easily, that's probably HIGH porosity.

    There is also elasticity, but I think most people have normal elasticity. But if you stretch a hair a little and it just stays stretched, doesn't bounce back at all, this may be low elasticity.

    Figuring out just two of these - texture and porosity, will give you so much help in deciding what products to use and how to treat your hair.
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