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I have two problems 1. My scalp is very dry and flaky I think it's dandruff. 2. I live in Arizona where the water here is very hard and harsh on my natural hair.

What would you recommend I do???


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    1. i too have itchy dry scalp cuz of dandruff and use to think i needed head and shoulder and stuff like that lol well i dont think you do anymore all you really need is to rub your scalp when you shampoo or co wash with your fingers (*not nails) this should be enough to loosen the dirt and dandruff that causes itchiness just keep doing it until evryspot that itches doesnt anymoire all over your head
    2. i honestly have no idea but some companies make hard water products that work with hard water for example the ion hard water shampoo and condish at sallys
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    I live in Texas so I truly understand the water is hard here also. I am going to make this up this week from Dr. Nicole itchy scalp spray and post my results. /home/leaving?" class="Popup
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    Have you tried using a filter on your showerhead or filtered water container to wash your hair? That may help to remove the harshness from the water and in turn help your hair from being so dry. Good Luck Keep us posted.
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    I hear tea tree oil is good for soothing the scalp. Some of the ayurvedic herbs--right now I'm thinking mostly of amla and brahmi--are said to be able to help control dandruff and scalp issues, too. You can pick those up online or at your local Indian grocery store for pretty cheap. They make great conditioners, too. You might also want to take a look at some of the products you're using. Maybe some of the ingredients are just irritating to you and causing problems.

    As for the hard water, I honestly think it's worth it to invest in a good water softener. The water is hard here in Ohio and I gave in and purchased a full shower softener. I got mine from I can definitely feel a difference in the water and once you get the hang of it, taking care of it is really easy. If that's too big of an investment though, I think there are shampoos out there specifically for hard water, but I haven't tried any of those.

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    I agree... tea tree oil did wonders for my scalp.. all I did was get a smallish applicator bottle, fill it with a good amount of almond oil ( insert fav oil here ) and a small amount of tea tree ( its strong and youll understand if youve never smelled it ) and the applicator gets right up to your scalp and squeeze small amounts sparsely, the oil will kind of travel so too much and it will be dripping down your neck ( experience... smh ) but my scalp has never been better =)
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    Try SheaMoisture's African Black Soap dry and itchy scalp elixir (spray bottle). It has plantain enzymes and other stuff in it that should help with your scalp issues. I like it.

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    I agree w/ the statements about Tea Tree oil. My scalp loves it (even thought my scalp tends to be oily) but I just can't take the smell.I found that a lot of dandruff problems are cause by pH imbalances. Have you tried Apple Cider Vinegar rinses to balance your scalps pH? I don't know if hard water and ACV rinses mix. I would look that up first and see if an ACV rinses may be helpful to your needs. Good luck finding a solution :)
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