What's your otc co wash?? Help a recovering silicone addict..

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Hello all. I'm a busy working mother of 2 who has been flat ironing and blowdrying my hair straight for YEARS. It causes me so much stress, I want to go natural. I'm a 2b, with a lot of frizz. This is extremely stressful because I work for a popular wholesale beauty supplier and I'm surrounded by people who want to acheive bone straight silky hair. I've been trying to fit the mold, but I want to take the power away from the industry and be ME. It would be so much easier. Anyhow, I am surrounded by a TON of product. I can buy almost any product made by any manufacturer- at wholesale cost plus an additional 20% off. Sounds awesome, right?? NOT! I have so much JUNK that I don't know what to do with. I want to start using something OTC and inexpensive, to simplify my life. I need suggestions for a good co wash. My brain is exhausted and I don't know how much fight I have left in me to research this. FYI I just finished reading curly girl the handbook. I'm on day 8 of no poo, but the conditioners I have on hand DO have some silicones in them. Any help or feedback would be appreciated..


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    First ditch the cones, and do a clarifying wash. Get a travel size bottle of baby poo, which has sulfates but no cones to do this with. Follow this immediately with a co-wash. My favorite is VO5 Herbal Essences Kiwi-Lime, which has EDTA, so it's good even if you have hard water or are in and out of pools. Then move onto the conditioning step.

    IF you want another, richer conditioner, which you probably need after all that flat ironing, sulfates and cones, since you can get it cheap, go for the Biolage Matrix Conditioning Balm for now. Be aware, though, that you may have fused your hair cuticle to the hairshafts. In other words, that hair may not respond, and may need to be cut out. (If you used temps over 300F, and/or didn't use a heat protectant, that's pretty much guaranteed.) Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Conditioner the one in the *dark* green *bottle,* not the light green tube).

    Drugstore gels that are cone free: Herbal Essences Totally Twisted, LA Looks Wet Look Gel, EcoStyler Krystal Ice.

    However, how about helping your employer expand its horizons to curly girls who want to go natural? You could make your embracing your curl a huge plus at work! There are some truly great CG brand lines. Jessicurl, and Deva are two of the well established ones. Look around on CurlMart, and see what looks really promising. Give it a try, and if you love it, try to get your employer to reach out to natural curly girls! (Carrying the book, Curly Girl, would be great too!)

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    THANK YOU so much for the response Morgan. You sound very well educated. I read your post & the first thing I went for was my kids' PM Baby Don't Cry shampoo, but thankfully I did a quick scan of the ingredients and it has silicone in it!! Dimethecone to be precise. I am baffled that 9 out of 10 products that I have contain it. I never paid it any attention since silicone wasn't an issue when I was going straight. BTW, I had been battering my hair with heats of 400 degrees and higher, but have always used a thermal protectant. Unfortunately, I always opted for the silicone based protectants versus the alcohol ones and I'm seeing now that was a bad idea. :dontknow: Anyhow, I just clarified with the only thing I had on hand without silicone and that was Malibus swimmers poo. Killed me because it was my first shampoo in 8 days, I didn't want to start from square one. But the co wash I've been using over the last week does in fact have silicone. I knew better, I was just being lazy. Now I have Devas Heavan in hair treatment on with a plastic cap. I stripped so much of the moisture with that swimmers poo I thought a deep condition would be a good way to start. I have several Deva products, I received full size samples from the manufacturer. I've used the No Poo, One Condition, Light Hold Defining Gel, Heavan in Hair, the Lavender mist and B Leave in. Nice stuff, just expensive. I'd like to get some less expensive product to have on hand.
    I wish I had some impact on my employers line up :) Unfortunately it's a pretty big corporation and I'm a peon.. I've been there going on 7 years. I'm pretty well educated in the hair industry, but this CG way is brand new to me and very very interesting! I'm so looking forward to becoming better aquainted with the board! So after today, no more silicones. No more!!!!
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    Garnier also has a "pure clean" conditioner that says right on the front that it is silicone free. Can't tell you how well it works since I'm on day one of cg though.
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    My favorite co-wash is Suave Tropical Coconut. Suave Green Apple is a close second.

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    Agree about the Suave Tropical Conditioner as a co-wash, it's great. L'Oreal recently came out with a silicone-free line called EverSleek, which has a nice leave-in conditioner. I've heard that the DT from that line is nice as well, but I have yet to try it.
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