New ideas for Hairstyles!

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hey guys, I'm somewhat new lol. I decided to start taking advantage of the forum & its lovely informers!
Just a little info about myself.. I'm 16, & I've been relaxing since i was younger. I stopped relaxing in November of last year. I was curious to see what my natural hair looked like & I'm loving it. I haven't done a big chop, i doubt i will. I'm not that much of a risk taker :P
I'm in love with hair straighteners. i straighten my hair religiously! Just about everyday during the week (if i go out) & on a sunday (if i have somewhere to be the next day).
Heat damage is starting to become a major issue, some areas in the back of my head are starting to lose it's curl pattern :(
So i've decided to put the hair straightener down to prevent any more damage!
I need new hairstyles. I love buns & ponytails. Twists & bantu knots would not work for me, because of the two textures i have to deal with. It just looks very weird!
I'm more of a french braid, side-twists type of girl. I've attached photos similar to how i style my hair. These photos do not belong to me! Just using it as an example.
Does anyone have any great hairstyle ideas for transitioning? Besides twists, bantu knots, & things of that nature.
I'm open to new ideas, i'm tired of styling my hair the same way all the time!
Thanks in advance :)

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