Is there such thing as a milk rinse?

Well i was just wondering if theres any benefits to using milk on your hair, in anyway i guess. dts, rinseouts, mixed with condish, but not as a leavein incase it started to smelllllllllll :/

I couldnt find any info on it here so i guess it hasnt been tried, but yoghurt has, what does yoghurt do?? i think i migght try a milk something soon...anyone have any advice/warnings/tips??? :)


  • baberuthlessxbaberuthlessx Registered Users Posts: 17
    There's avocados and coconut milk which is a dt. You blend the inside of the avocado and 1/2 cup of coconut milk together and you add whatever carrier oil and eo you like together and use it as a dt. It's supposed to be a moisture protein dt as coconut milk has protein and avocados are moisturizing.
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    Here's a curly hair recipe that contains milk.

    You can search our new recipes section for others that contain milk! :) And be sure to add your own curly hair recipes!

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    Does anyone remember "Milk plus Six"? I think it was a popular shampoo or conditioner in the late 70s.

    Wonder what was in it.

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