Wishing to be red, Have no idea where to start...

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hi, so my current hair is a medium to dark brown color 3b in front and 3a in back (i will include pictures below), and ive been contemplating going over to a red color in box dye. my question/issue/concern is that i dont know where to start or what would be best. my hair is quite stubborn when it comes to accepting colors or treatments like coloring. im looking to go a deep but subtle red color, much like Emma Stone's shade; and im also looking for a brand that will not damage or better yet moisturize my hair. pretty please, if you could give me any advice on which shades to use or what brands i can use to minimize damage i would be so happy. thanks for anyone with advice :happy4:


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    I don't really know anything about hair color. I've used Natural Instincts before, which if I remember correctly is demi-permanent and won't lift color (lighten), will only deposit.

    Currently I use henna, which is permanent and is supposed to be good for your hair, but most people recommend doing a deep-conditioning treatment afterwards. Henna also only deposits color.

    You should check out hennaforhair.com. You can look at real people's mixes and results, and they also have a forum.

    Depending on the color you want, you may actually needs a color that lifts, though.
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    Garnier Fructis has a boxed dye that is for dark brown hair and it got my med dark brown to that exact color.
    Amazon.com: Garnier Nutrisse Haircolor, B2 Reddish Brown Roasted Coffee: Beauty

    Or you can try henna
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    I actually came to this board wanting this exact color. I'm going to try out a color today and I'll let you know how it goes.
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    Is your hair already colored? You may be better off getting it done professionally then using an at home kit to maintain it. I had mine dyed deep blood red last night and I love it! Prior to this I was blonde and it will fade very quickly so I'll be using de Lorenzo nova colour shampoo to maintain it in between colour touch ups.
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