Shampoos or Conditioners for Color-Treated Hair? Help!

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Alright, so I am getting my hair dyed next weekend. Right now I am brunette with some honey highlights, but after next week, I will be blonde by means of varying degrees of blonde highlights! It will be the first time that pretty much ALL of my hair will be dyed. I'm very excited for the change, but I'm a little concerned about the types of shampoo and conditioner that I would be using after the switch.

I've heard of the importance of using shampoo and conditioner that help you protect/retain your coloring. If I'm going to spend the money on this, I want it to last! Do any of you curlies out there have good recommendations for either shampoos or conditioners that are both as CG-friendly as possible and will help keep my new color?

I'm currently using a VO5 conditioner and cleansing with CJ Daily Fix every few days. I haven't been using shampoo, and I'm a little scared to go back to it, even for the sake of my new color.

Also, the Beauty Brands in my area is having a huge liter sale for shampoos and conditioners. Here is their link: Beauty Brands: Beauty, Skincare, Makeup, Hair, Nails, Salon and Spa
Would any of those be good ones to use? It would be so nice if I could get my new stuff for a cheaper price! Perhaps the AG Colour Savour?

Ahh! So much to think about! Help! :goofy:
On the look-out for my HG products. No luck yet! Just made the decision to go CG. Wish me luck! :thumbleft:

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Follow up with plopping in a t-shirt and diffusing.


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    I've been using Tresseme Naturals and find it's a good compromise between price and the qualities CGs love. The shampoo is lower sulfate and the conditioner is silicone free. Why not try CO after your hair is dyed and see how it goes, and add shampoo if you really have to? Good luck!
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    in my experience, the less shampoo, means longer color, I think the daily fix, should do, Right after, (couple days after color) only co-wash(or D.F.)for conditioners I love maitrix. biolage conditioning balm... sallys makes a knock off, I like the real one better. Blonder hair, needs more protien. do a protein treatment, few days after, lots of people here, love the sallys nuetral protien fillwer(I think colorful) and spray right on to hair, or add to conditioners, ect. Dont use anything with too heavy of oils, right after ( 5-8 days).. HTH.... off to get my color, and its been lasting 2 mo.;'s.
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    • Cowash[/C.J. daily fix,, Condish Peter Lamas volumizing(rice protein) mixed w CJ smoothing,orGiovanni 50/50,or Eulasense balanced moisture. Leaveins,KCKT,KomazaCalifia,GDLIStylers:FSG,*, KCCC&BRHG, CJ CIAB.mixed w Pattern Pusha.FOTE on dry. SOTC :1 drop meadowfoam oil.DT:biolageCB or curl rehab over megatek,CJ repair me.

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