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Hi! I'm new to the site, and I'm here to find new things to do with my hair.I've always had my curls natural and absolutely hated it until a year ago when I cut it short. I don't have many problem with it now, but the friz! I live in Florida, and it's really f*cking hot and humid! My hair is fine until I leave the house, then it's instant frizz. Frustrating. Now I always have it up in a pony tail. No matter how much hair spray I use, it'll still get frizzy and huge. I don't know what to do anymore.

I'm also here for my 6 year-old sister. Her hair is very blonde, and very, very big. An afro. Tight curls, and frizz. I'm serious here, huge huge hair. In the summer for the most part, we keep it braided, but i won't lie, it looks a bit ridiculous on her. So during school, we keep it in a bandanna or just natural.

She's the youngest in my family, and got the very last bit of curls from my mom. I'd hate to see her get made fun of later on.


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    Welcome! We're glad you've joined our community! You'll find lots of great info for yourself and your sister, all over the site.

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    You are beautiful!