Knots!!!Plz help

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So I had my hair in 2 strand twist for about a week. I'm rockin a twist put now but I keep noticing tiny knots on single strands of my hair. Is there any way I can avoid getting these in the future?


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    Those are called single strand or fairy knots. There's really no way to avoid them 100% if you have tightly curled/coiled hair, it just comes with the territory. You can cut down on them by keeping your hair moisturized, detangled regularly, and trims (I get my hair trimmed 1x a year). Protective styles like two strand twists are also a good way to cut down on them. They keep the hair tangle free until you take it down. HTH
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    I've also noticed that sealing my ends helps cut down on the single strand knots that I get.
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    :( I moisturize and seal mu ends daily but still get them