Diffusing for CG method?

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Okay, so now it's summer, and I can let my hair air dry. In September, I'll be teaching again, and when I tell you that my hair takes at least four hours to fully air dry, I'm not kidding. I can't go into school looking like a drowned rat, so what's the deal with getting my hair 80% dry with a diffuser? I read the whole book and she doesn't really say anything about it except you should dry your hair using the heat in your car, but that's not really a feasible option for me.


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    I am a teacher as well and I've gotten to where I only wash my hair once a week, maybe twice. I wear it down for the first 3 days for sure, maybe pin a piece or two back with a bobby pin. By day 4 or 5, I sometimes pin it up or do a low pony. Once you go CG or rid yourself of sulfates and cones, your hair doesn't "Get" dirty or "show" dirt or oil. This is why I can go so long between washings.

    My hair is well below my shoulders and takes about an hour to dry with a diffuser.
    I wash my hair bent over the bathtub under the tub faucet. I've been using Kinky Curly everything. After I apply the leave in, I plop my hair with a tshirt. Then I apply product and plop again. Then I diffuse.

    You can do it!

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