Sulfur 8

AnishaAnisha Posts: 25Registered Users
I am new to transitioning and was thinking about getting either microbraids or kinky twist during my transition. I am a little worried about the decision because ive heard so many stories of damage to edges. A friend of mine suggested using Sulfur8 to prevent damage. Does anyone have any experience with this product or recommendations for other products??

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  • virgo138virgo138 Banned Posts: 52Banned Users
    Don't use that, it has a lot of bad ingredients in it & I'd only suggest it to someone like a boy who doesn't care about their hair. You can tell them to not braid your edges & just smooth them down with hair cream. And use olive oil to keep your scalp moisturized while you have the braids, if you ever need more advice I'll be glad to help on my FB pg Momos Moment
  • NaturallyMe255NaturallyMe255 Posts: 2Registered Users
    Im transitiong as well I've been using elsta qp products. I highly recommend them especially the deep penetrating conditioner and olive oil and mango butter moisturizer they've worked wonders on my hair.
  • AnishaAnisha Posts: 25Registered Users
    Thanks for the responses. I will try your suggestions.

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