Impossible to straighten with CG friendly products?

Aquamarine89Aquamarine89 Posts: 16Registered Users
Hey everyone,

After being CG for a couple of months I decided I wanted to straighten my hair, but I wanted to use a CG friendly product. So I purchased Tigi Control Freak Serum thinking it would straighten my hair lovely since it had soluble cones in it. Boy was I wrong! It came out looking very dry and I couldn't seem to straighten all the wavies out. I'm very disappointed in this product because I read really good reviews about it. My only conclusion now is that achieving silky shiny straight hair is impossible without cones. Before becoming CG I would use biosilk and this redkin heat protector product to straighten and it would come out just the way I wanted it to. I guess whenever I decide to straighten my hair I'll have to go back to those cone filled products and just use a sulfate shampoo to wash them out. Does anyone else have this problem when straightening hair? :toothy3:
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    My reply to this is always "What flatiron are you using?" I have impossible hair. Truly impossible before and after CG still. But as far as straightening goes, all of my hair problems go away when I have a good quality flatiron.
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    I think it has everything to do with technique, next to nothing to do with products. I don't use cones when I straighten my hair and it comes out perfectly. Even when I used to have a relaxer, I've been to professional salons who couldn't get my hair as straight as I can.

    What works best for me is the comb/brush chase method.

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    I have a Sedu flat iron, so it's not like I'm using a horrible one lol. I just don't understand why I cant get the same results I get when I use silicones. I did the same technique I always do and it didn't do me any good. My technique for trying to straighten my hair is by having my flat iron right behind my comb as I go I dont think I'm doing anything wrong, my hair is just very stubborn. Subbrock, what products do you use to straighten?
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    Still trying to find my HG products, so far I'm really loving the Shea Moisture Line and LA Looks Sports Gel
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    I don't really use any products to straighten (and never have) but whenever I do flat iron, I do it on dirty hair. I washed yesterday and styled with Elucence mb conditioner + castor oil + KCCC. So in a few days if I do decide to flat iron I won't prep my hair with anything. If I flat iron on fresh hair I just use my leave in (elucence) + a natural oil as a heat protectant.

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    Have you looked at Blended Beauty Straight Pearl? I know of a few posters on MUA, who swear by it. I believe it's CG, but works well for straightening.

    The other thing I've found, now that my hair is in better condition from taking care of it, is that I can straighten it easier with a round brush and a blow dryer. I don't really have to use a flat iron at all, but I am more wavy/curly then full curly.

    Chaz Dean (the founder of Wen) has a great video on youtube showing a blow out. I don't have the link, but just google it on youtube. It really works. And I do feel a dryer and round brush are way less damaging than a flat iron, if you can get that to work for you.


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    Alrighty thanks for your input peeps I really appreciate it :thumright: I think I'll try looking into the Blended Beauty product mentioned. It sounds promising anyway *keeps fingers crossed*. I really doubt I could ever get my hair straightened with just a round brush and a hair dryer. It usually just gets poofy and I cant get rid of my stubborn waves. I believe my curl type is 3b with some 3a and a tad of 2c. I have an insane mixture of curls haha. So hard to control them all at once. I'll definitely look up the video for the blow out though. :iconbiggrin:
    Type 3b with some 3a and a few 2c strands
    Still trying to find my HG products, so far I'm really loving the Shea Moisture Line and LA Looks Sports Gel
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    Aveda Brilliant Damage Control has worked well for me on the extremely rare occasions on which I've flat ironed. I set my Sedu Revolution flat iron at the lowest possible heat setting, and made one pass. My hair stayed straight until washed, and returned to normal afterwards.

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    Hmm. Its hard to say cause I have yet to straighten. But when I do straighten I have the products ready. Aussie heat protection spray and loreal anti frizz serum. But I'm not straightening until my bday in october.

    I've heard that the key to straight hair is getting the hair as straight as possible during the blowdry process. Check out saloncabelo on youtube for a good technique.

    Another thing would be to do a roller set which I will be trying when the weather cools off. Check out naturallycurlydotcom for Mahogany Curls roller set.

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    Thanks for the advice, I'll check those products out as well (is becoming a product junky oh dear) :happy2:

    The next time I straighten I'll try my hardest to get it as straight as I can with just the blow dryer. I dont know when I'll be straightening again...but wish me luck! :)
    Type 3b with some 3a and a few 2c strands
    Still trying to find my HG products, so far I'm really loving the Shea Moisture Line and LA Looks Sports Gel

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