my very frizzy hair): help.

oxsquishyfishyxooxsquishyfishyxo Posts: 1Registered Users
so i've been a cg for..about half a year after 2 years of straightening was looking really awesome into big loopy spirals, but now its all frizzy and dry no matter what i do to it...i've been thinking about buying a deep conditioning treatment, anybody got any favorites?


  • ajgrneyesajgrneyes Posts: 103Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I add raw honey and EVOO to whatever conditioner I have around and leave it in for 30 min to an hour. Works every time and no need to buy a "special" DC.
    sulfate, silicone and protein free since 6/11
    porosity - normal to low
    elasticity - normal

    love my curls :love4:
    My own butter mixture
    My own version of Terressentials mud wash
  • McfrizzyMcfrizzy Posts: 406Registered Users
    many people on this site love shea moisture deep conditioner from target or walgreens or the curl junkie deep conditioner from curlmart...
    Lo-poo:organix Shea butter shampoo
    Co-wash: suave coconut
    Rinse out:GFTN/GVP conditioning balm
    Leave in: GF daily care spray leave in
    Serum-like product: still need one
    Gel:LA looks sport gel/ HESMU,GFPC
    Oils: olive, coconut

    I think I'm normal-overly porous, medium-thick hair(although I see fine hair too), love protein
  • Very Curly GurlyVery Curly Gurly Posts: 16Registered Users
    aussie 3 minute miracle
    cowash: suave naturals coconut
    leave in: mane and tail
    styling: activation gel

    friendship is like peeing on yourself; everyone can see it, but only you get the warm feeling that it brings :)
    - unknown :occasion5:
  • Ruthie11Ruthie11 Posts: 77Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Is Aussie 3 minute CG friendly?
    Cowash-Tresseme Naturals
    Hair Type-3c-4a
    Leave in-Tresseme Naturals
    Gel-LA Sports Gel
    Cashmere Curls for shine

  • curlycarrottop62curlycarrottop62 Posts: 245Registered Users
    it could be dryness, so i would do a dt before anything else

    If that doesnt work, it is possible that something else is wrong. Your hair could need a protein treatment, de gunked (my way of saying a sulfate shampoo that removes any build ups), or even over conditioned.

    Protein treatment: your hair feels like straw

    De-gunked: build up-y and gross feeling (sorry this one is hard to explain)

    Over conditioned: super super soft and frizzy
    Multi-textured head! 3a w/ some 3c, medium to high porosity, medium to coarse texture, dry!

    My current favorites: Suave naturals shampoo, Suave coconut, Organix argan and moroccan oil conditioner, GFTN, LALMG, FSG <3!!

    Not a huge fan of CG :/

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