Interview with big hair??

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I just got a haircut and my hair is very big. I have an interview tomorrow? Is it ok to go on an interview with big hair?
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    Everything I've seen has indicated that you should wear your hair back and neat for interview no matter what your hair type. However I think a lot also depends on what field the position is in. "Creative" jobs are usually a bit more flexible on attire and encourage individuality.
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    The theroy is: To play things safe pull your hair back into a pony tail. I know it's stupid but do you want to be remembered as the girl with the big hair or the one whose resume speaks for herself?

    Here's a kicker to that theory. I went on an interview at a law firm and I was dressed the part, business suit, pearl earrings, polished shoes, no perfume an a briefcase. Did I get te job even though I was qualified? NO. One of the two girls who were not dressed professionally and whose hair was a mess got the job. So what do I think about this theory? It's horse crap!!

    We are all being judged on some level and personally I think it stinks. Why should curly hair girls be descriminated because our hair doesn't fit the "ideal" hair type.

    My next interview im going in with my hair the way it was ment ro be. Do what your gut tells you to do. I wish you luck on the interview and I hope you get it.

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    I think it really depends on where you're trying to get a job, but it's probably best to pull it back neatly in most cases. Yes, it sucks that some people will judge you based off your hair, but I think most people would much rather hide their curls and be employed than rock their curls sitting at home with no income.
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    I think if your hair looks nice, then your hair looks nice. Curly, straight, big, tied back, it doesn't matter. My curls are very voluminous, borderline "big," on purpose because the shape frames my face well. I keep my curls detangled, defined and well-cared for, and it shows. Eight weeks ago I interviewed for a job at a hospital (working with the public in patient care) and when I walked in, the lady said "oh my gosh! I wish I had your beautiful curls!" I smiled and thanked her politely, and went on to be very well qualified for the position. I got a second interview, wore my hair the same way and the interviewer said nothing about my hair. I got the job over a guy who had 10 years of experience. The reason I got when I asked? "You're personality won us over!" And that was the lady who loved my hair. It all depends on the position, and the expectations of the employer. The interviewer is looking for "something," you just have to find out what that something is. Chances are, your hair won't have anything to do with it. That being said, I think one must look groomed and presentable. But I know my "personality shined through" because I felt confident about the way I (and my hair) looked when I walked in. Hope that helps...
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