highlighted hair-advice needed

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So after reading another post, I have been enlightened. I have a partial highlight that I got about 3 months ago back when I always straightened my hair. Now that I have gone natural and CG, I realize that this has effected my curl pattern. My curls in the underneath layers are awesome. But in the top layers where the highlights are, my curl is uneven and a little lacking and some small strands, the highlights, do not want to curl at all.

Obviously the best thing would be to not color my hair anymore. The problem is, the growth is already looking pretty bad as it is. I cannot imagine letting it grow all the way out without doing anything. Would doing an all over color in my natural color make things worse? I'm thinking as long as I am not lightening, it will not have as bad of an effect but I do not know this for sure. Is there anything I can do to repair the highlighted areas? Thanks!

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