Stretching washes + curls - Is it possible?

LadyCelestinaLadyCelestina Posts: 28Registered Users
I really want to try stretching washes ( for various reasons - one of them is the massive amount of product my hair can eat in one wash:laughing4:),however,I´m kinda worried it doesn´t work with curly hair because of the tangles and such.Is there a non-damaging way to detangle curls while not having to wet them or atleast not having to wet them...much ?
I´ve thought I could apply some water to make my hair damp,detangle with conditioner,wait until dry and put up.But I feel like this could be kinda damaging:-|.
Getting back to my natural colour- inch by inch:love5:
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    Yes, there is a way at least for me. What i do is i wash n go with shea moisture smoothie and my hair would have curl and hold for the next 2 days. then i would use Garnier triple moisture conditioner and do a braidout, detangling with my fingers to reduce knots, it would last me 3 more days if i wanted it longer i would retwist.
    Detangling with my fingers would make me lose my natural curl pattern but i would gain looser waves because of braidout. I decided to do this cuz i was getting ssk like crazy and wash n go every 3 days was getting annoying. Now i moisturize and detangle my ends without losing much hair when i wash in the shower my detangling time has been reduced and the amount of hair lost too. Hope that helps.:blob:
    Oh and my hair 3c,4a , fine and lots of it. LoL
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    I am new to this, stretching washes. I am trying it. I deep treated with coconut oil a week ago last Sunday. Let it sit for hours. Shampooed it out with Kinky Curly Come Clean and then
    Used DevaCurl Nopoo, then DC One Condition, then DC Angel.

    On Wednesday, I washed with the One Condition. Going to try to do this for a while and see how it works.

    I like the DevaCurl Line. The only products I currently use are the NoPoo, OneCondition and the AnGel. I know I am in the minority here on the Deva Products. That's okay.

    I have a question.

    I just went back to embracing my curls using my Deva products. I also started stretching my washes. Last Sunday, I used all three products. Then Wednesday, I used the OneC and AnGel only.

    Today (Sunday) is going to be my routine day, not sure what that is??? Do I need to use the NoPoo every week, once a month or what. Should I just OneC it from here on out? I am confused. I have Googled and can't find a good answer. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!

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