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I was very close in getting a Keratin Treatment. But I opt not to .. I am afraid of the Formaldehyde thats in it. I hear that the Brazillian treatment has high percentage in the tens

My stylist actully uses Un Bionaza.. She says that it only has 2% cuz it has to have something in it to keep the freeze.

But I hear that anytype of Formaldehyde is dangerous etc..

any comments on this. I am just trying to do my homework..


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    Depending upon the brand the level of formaldehyde in the product will vary. There are brands with ZERO formaldehyde, but you'll have to google to find them.

    Marcia Tiexera has one as well as Brazillian Blowout ZERO. All in all, I think Formaldahyde is really the thing that defrizzes and relaxes curls, so I'm doubtful the effects of these less toxic treatments will do my hair any justice.
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