Anyone have tips for BB removal??

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I have had 2 brazilian blowouts over the past year. I decided that I don't want to do it anymore (been using Curly Hair Solution's Curl Keeper which has given me hope for my natural hair!!). My issue is that I can't seem to get rid of BB. It has been well over 6 months since my last treatment and it is still "going strong." VERY slowly my curl is coming back ... BUT I am once again dealing with 2 textures - my "relaxed" hair and my roots (3c). I have tried washing with sulfate/"cheap" shampoos; I have washed with sea salt. Anyone had progress on removing their keratin? I am not unhappy with my hair; just kind of tired of dealing with two different textures.


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    I think you'll have to grow it out. You most likely are dealing with hair that has been permanantly altered due to too much heat being used during application. I know, because I got a BKT last May, and I still have 4a roots and 3bish ends. I do braid outs and things to blend it and do occasional root treatments at home when I don't feel like dealing with the two mismatched textures. I have no intention of BCing, so the root touch ups to match the textures works for me. I think I'd be more bummed if I didn't have any curls, but I thankfully I do.
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    I gave up and BCed mine, but that might be at least partly because I have no patience to transition.

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    I could cry!!! The reason I got BB was because it was NOT permanent!!! At this point I am not ready for a chop!! Though there ARE days I think about it. I posted on the BB facebook website -- so far not one response. and learn. Live and learn...

    Thanks for the information - although it wasn't what I wanted to hear!! Appreciate it Ladies!
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    Maybe using a shampoo with sodium chloride in it will help to wash it out.
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