First time bleach

iamjaxcoloniamjaxcolon Registered Users Posts: 14
Hi. So I decided suddenly that I want to be blonde. I'm going for a haircut on Wednesday so my hairstylist and I will hash it out then. I know that the lightening and dyeing will do some damage to my hair. Anyone have any good tips or tricks for after bleaching recovery? I have a banana DT on the shelf and thought I might throw in some honey. Any suggestions? Thanks.


  • lyleneillyleneil Registered Users Posts: 5
    Pick a bleaching kit from your local pharmacy, hair products supplier or discount store.Before bleaching any area of your body test a small area first to ensure you don't have an adverse reaction to the bleaching agent.
  • danielalvisdanielalvis Registered Users Posts: 5
    You need to make sure that the colour or tone of your hair is ready before you bleach it.Another important thing you must remember is to do a patch test before using a product in full.

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