to mullet or not to mullet?

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I am growing out my hair for the first time in YEARS. I cut it all off my sophomore year in college and now, 10 years later, I am longing for my long locks. This is probably because I know how to care for my hair well enough to not have a crazy mop of frizz. but I digress . . .

In the short-haired years, i was a frequent DIY stylist, and I did some craaaazy stuff to my hair. I also frequently let whoever wanted take a chop. This won me some super creative haircuts, but has left me in a bit of a bind.

Currently, I have a pretty wacky haircut growing out. I've been on the grow-out wagon since about April, so I have gotten some length, and its passable as ok on most days, but also a bit strange.

On the sides, its about chin-length
The back is past my ears in between ears and shoulders
The sides, are about to the end of my ears

Do you see where this is going? yeah. its kind of a mullet

I know mullets are sort of in ironic style right now, and I think my pseudo-mullet with pretty ringlets looks better than the average mullet, and (mostly) I love having that bit of length in the back that makes me feel successful in this venture. but . . .its still a MULLET.

I manage it a bit by clipping the back up when it feels embarassing, or clipping the front up to create a bit more of an illusion of length.

I have a haircut in a few weeks - should I cave and have the back cut off to rid myself of the pseudo-mullet? Do I grin and bear it until I have enough hair that it is not mullet, just multi-length?

This is the furthest I've gotten on the awkward phase wagon . . .help me stay on it!

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    personally i would say get rid of the mullet since it's still summer and wear a shorter do so it all can grow out at the same length. because as it keeps growing out with the mullet end it'll always be a bit longer than everything else and may look odd between cuts.
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    I feel your pain. About 2 yrs ago I started growing out a very short pixie cut (less than 1" of hair). When I got to about the stage you're describing, I found that if I pulled the sides back and up a little w/ a bobby pin or hair pin, then I had a very short, curly bob that resembled a hair style from the early 1930s. It was actually really cute, especially since the hair on top of my head was only about 2-3" and curled in what looked like pin curls.

    Right now I'm about 1" away from shoulder length dry, except for some face framing layers. The problem is, I've had some major breakage from hair color gone wrong & I had to cut some split ends off which has given me some very short layers (around cheekbone length). It's not bad, but a little awkward. So, like you, I'm thinking about cutting a little off of my length when I go for a cut in Oct. in order to even things out a bit. I'm living w/ it for now, due to $ and the fact that in this heat of 18 days of 100+ I'm wearing my hair back anyway, & hoping by Oct. that I'll have some good growth.
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    EdenRose wrote: »
    personally i would say get rid of the mullet since it's still summer and wear a shorter do so it all can grow out at the same length. because as it keeps growing out with the mullet end it'll always be a bit longer than everything else and may look odd between cuts.

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    All hair on one head doesn't grow the same rate or at the same time. So even if she does cut it one length, it could grow back out to a mullet.

    I say just let it grow out. When I first went natural my hair was very mullet like. I had cut all my hair down to what seemed like all the same length. Then 2 years later my hair is becoming less and less mullet like. You also have to consider the shrinkage. Even in looser curls the nape tends to be the loosest part of the head, which could also be the reason your hair looks very much like a mullet.
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    If it's driving you nuts and making you feel unattractive every day, I say give it a trim.
    I say this as a person who is growing out her hair - it's somewhere between chin and shoulder length right now, but the hairline in the back is very low and it seems to grow freakishly fast compared to the sides. I've been fighting the urge to hack it all off it all summer - I finally decided trimming an inch off the back is going to keep me from shaving my head down the road, it was annoying me that much. I just trimmed (myself! eek!) the back so it's even with the sides and I feel SO much better.
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    I would go with a graduated trim when you see your stylist. She can probably angle the chin length bits into the longer back, so the drop in length is less extreme.

    Pics would have been good, but HTH!