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Ok, so I am starting to get a little frustrated. I have been CG for maybe close to a month now. I did not wear my hair curly much prior to that so I am still learning a lot. My problem is I feel like my hair is always so dry no matter what I do to it. I have tried deep conditioning treatments, proteins, using less product, using more product, oils, ACV rinse... I do not know what else to try! Nothing seems to have much effect at all on my hair. I could probably use a whole bottle of leave in and my hair would still feel dry. I have tried using my rinse out as leave it and that makes no difference. It's just as if my hair responds to nothing.

I cannot tell the porosity of my hair and if I knew this I am guessing it might help. My hair feels pretty smooth during the strand test and sometimes squeaks. It also floats when doing the test with water. But I do not notice that it takes a long time to become wet or to dry and I have never had a problem with coloring it. It holds style easily, whether straightened or curly. It is very fine but pretty thick. It does not appear to be protein sensitive but I have not noticed much improvement with proteins either. If I allow my hair to air dry, the strands seem to really separate out rather than clump into curls and it just becomes big and fluffy. Like I said before, I am new to wearing it curly. I straightened for probably 15 years, maybe more. So I imagine it does have some heat damage as well as damage from coloring.

My goal, as I am sure everyone's is!, is shiny, well defined curls that preferably do not require a lot of product. I just feel I need some intense moisture but that my hair is not accepting moisture for some reason. Please help!


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    I'm not good at figuring out hair types either. If you don't mind spending a few $ on it, you could get a hair analysis done. I had that done a few months ago and I think it has really helped me.

    Others may disagree but I personally didn't find paying for the product recommendations was worth the extra $$ but that's up to you. I thought I found better options reading these boards.

    The hair analysis is $13 - not a bad investment considering you will have somewhat of a guide on product purchases and waste less $$ on those.
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    Did you do a final sulfate cleanse with a silicone free shampoo? If not, that may help.

    Unfortunately, flat ironing can do significant permanent damage, so there may be only so much that you can do, aside from continuing to give it TLC, but if you still have buildup on your hair, that could be part of the problem. The reason is that once hair gets to 320F, it enters the glass transition phase, and can fuse, so that moisture and products can't get into the hairshaft. When that happens, your hair has to grow, and the damage be cut out.

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    I have found something that works! I have started using my rinse out as my leave in. I have found that I have to use a lot of it, about the same amount I use when I rinse out. I just was not using enough before.

    Also just realized that my mousse has a silicone in it. Missed that -xane! :(

    I did do a clarifying shampoo before I started but perhaps I must do another one now due to that silicone.
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    I think doing another clarifying shampoo is a good idea. IMO, it's less damaging in the long run than leaving cone buildup.

    Have you considered doing a sprinkle or baptismal rinse instead of rinsing out all of your conditioner, then adding almost as much back in? I was skeptical at first, but quickly realised my curls were more robust when I throw two handsful of water at my hair instead of rinsing it all out, then adding some back in. When I squeeze as much excess water out with my bare fists as I can, excess conditioner comes with it. However, I've become much better at judging just how much conditioner my hair really needs since starting this: enough to make my hair slippery and easy to finger comb, but not enough to make exiting the tub hazardous.

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