Quit smokers! I wanna be one too :[

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I used to have nice big ol boobies. Then I had my son n they went south. :[ I want nice big titties again dammit!
I'm sooo skinny now, n I wanna gain weight, but I smoke n I think its preventing me from gaining weight. I might even jus be rly malnourished, I started takin a daily multivitamin n it makes me puke! :o so I split it in half. I can def tell I have more energy during the day.

Smoking is killing me now! Chest pains, n I can hear my lungs make this "rippling" noise when I breath a lot of the time. I didn't realize how bad it is for a womans standard growth.

I still have almost 8 yrs to grow, I've been smoking for four [18 now] years. I rly wanna quit but I can't seem to cold turkey or cut back, I smoke a pack a day too :\

I figured if I quit smokin while I'm still young I can still grow some more, n gain the weight I want n have boobs again! :D

What did u do??
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  • curlylauracurlylaura Registered Users Posts: 8,352 Curl Neophyte
    I've never smoked but do you have a stop smoking service nearby? Nicotine replacement is also pretty good. You may get more replies posting this on the general non hair board as well.
    Fat does not make you fat. It's actually pretty important.

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