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So my parents were just on the verge of separating, like I remember I would hear then arguing at night and doors being slammed. it even got to the point where my mom basically took all her stuff into my little sisters room. my dad even told me that my mom wasn't happy and they might separate for a little while.

Well that's all changed now like now they both sleep in their old bed room and they are always kissing and cuddling and they talk a whole lot more and I keel finding these little cards my mom writes to my dad. And I found a packet thing like I think they went to marriage counseling. don't get me wrong I'm happy that my family is still together but I still feel depressed about it like I remember my dad saying that it hurts when he saw her in the house. And I wonder if my dad still feels that way or if he moved on. Well I know this has nothing to do with hair but I just didn't know where else to do it, and I just wanted to know if any of this has happened to any of you guys and I'd really appreciate the support thanks :)
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    I am sorry for your distress. I am a parent. My marriage went through a very difficult time a while back. Unfortunately, my kids had a front row seat, too. By the grace of God, we both realized where we were wrong and learned to communicate better.

    Please try to rejoice with your parents that they made it through this trial. I realize it will take time to trust again. That is very normal. It is also normal that marriages have times of trial. Many times, sadly, it ends up breaking up a marriage. You have been blessed with parents with a strong love and commitment to each other. They have set a great example of conflict resolution. :) I will pray for you as you work through this.

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    U are a very respectable, noble woman. It takes a real woman to trust God first in her marriage!
    I pray I set the same example when I say my I do's to my fionce :]

    My mom was with my lil sisters dad for 5 yrs, I was young wen they got together, so he was my daddy nontheless. I remember they did nothing but fight thru their whole relationship n eventually split up. It drove my mom crazy n destroyed my family. They've been split for three years now n my mom is still far from recovering. So think positively sweetie, be thankful they worked something out one way or another

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    omg, it sounds like our parents have the exact same story..

    My mom would tell her friends that she hated my dad and stuff, and then her friends kids would tell me.. I wanted to ring their necks.. lol She would sleep up stairs, and they would argue all the time. They were really close to separating...like really really close.
    Just like a couple months ago they quit arguing as much...it was really weird at first to get used to it, I'm happy they are back together...like you said, I wonder if they just like put it all behind them or what?? It's still hard for me sometimes... Like everyone thought my parents had the perfect relationship, so then when we would go to church or something we all had to act like this one big happy family.

    idk.. a lot of stuff happened during that time..
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    Its crazy.. I don't understand marriage at all rly, but my eyes are gradually bein opened. I'm growin up n in a serious relationship, my bf n I have talked about marriage, but he's goin thru a divorce rite now. Got married too young, to an older woman, yada yada yanno.. jus sum of the things he's told me are unbelievable. Like wat spouses do behind each others backs while still somehow being connected by "love" in a weird way to stay together until one of them, or both gives.. he gives me his opinion on wat makes n breaks a marriage.

    I wanna marry him but I wanna make sure my life is completely right wit God first.

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    thank all of you guys for all the support and prayers, I remember when ever they would argue I would always pray to God to help me get through the tough time and that some how my parents would get along together again. But I'm very thankful that he answered my prayers and my parents are getting along a whole lot better than even before they were fighting.
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    :) I hope everything goes good for you!

    I'll be prayin' for you..

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