Second day hair HELP!!!

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I tried searching the site but haven't found anything on second day hair.
I've been transitioning for about a year and I cut my relaxed ends off pretty often so I have about 4 inches to go. My hair is shoulder length when dry and curly.
My routine is to wash with cleaning conditioner. The use knot today by kinky curly as a leave in to detangle. Then I use Eco styler gel and blow dry with a defuser. Sometime I air dry but I prefer the afro look I get with a defuser compared to the tamer look I get from air drying. My hair type ranges from 3b and 3c throughout most of my head to 4a in the middle, I think. I love my hair the first day but can't figure out a night time routine that will help me get second day hair without co-washing and starting over. Any tips?!


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    Let your hair air dry 88% before you diffuse it, so you don't get heat damage. At night rub olive oil through your hair & sleep with a statin/silk scarf. In the morning to refresh your hair get a spray bottle mixed with water, cond. & olive oil And spray your curls to make them pop again. Also try flipping your head upside down
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    Agree with prev poster except I spray my hair with 1 part LI & 7 parts water b4 i go to sleep & after i wake up do the same and then use a bit of gel to style.

    So far olive oil Eco styler gel seems to be working best for me. But I'd like to find something that weighs down my hair more.