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I use a "cleansing conditioner" by Wen haircare. Its not a shampoo, its a conditioner that cleanses your hair while moisturizing it. I use it as a leave in & it is absolutely my favorite product :) it defines my curls, but doesn't weigh it down. My hair looks so thick & bouncy afterwards. *highly recomended*


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    I was glad to see that Wen had removed the non-watersoluable silicone from their cleansing conditioner.

    However, considering the price difference, I'll stick with VO5 Herbal Escapes Kiwi-Lime Conditioner, which runs me less than $1 on sale.

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    cha ching! also lots of glycerin, not great for reds and golds!
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    I'm really happy that you found something you love :) That's wonderful. Everyone likes a little something different!
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    Love it if you ladies would please add some product reviews in!

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    You are beautiful!

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