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So I just wanted to get y'alls opinion on Zumba. We have it for the Wii and I really enjoy doing it even if I look stupid. But we had some friends over and they were saying that some of the moves were really weird (as in not being a dance move) which I know, cause it is for working out. How do y'all like it and have you noticed a difference? I really enjoy it, and I can always tell it in my calves. :)
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  • VTmomVTmom Registered Users Posts: 2,487 Curl Connoisseur
    My only experience with zumba is a class I took several years ago...I really didn't like it so I'm not much help...sorry!
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    I love Zumba, i take it at my gym once a week. It is a great workout u can burn lots of calories.

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  • KurlyPrincessKurlyPrincess TennesseeRegistered Users Posts: 1,847
    :) I really like it too! I haven't done it in like a week though! ughhh, I really need to work out.. :) I've heard that it's a lot of fun to go to a class, but we have it on the Wii, so that's how I do it. :)
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  • KurlyPrincessKurlyPrincess TennesseeRegistered Users Posts: 1,847
    LOL I just noticed that all my smilies are in a row...
    <3 Our love is like the wind; I can't see it. But I can feel it. <3
  • SanaxRadianceSanaxRadiance TexasRegistered Users Posts: 95
    I got it for the wii too! :D
    I love it, it's so much fun and I can feel the burn lol.
    People say classes are better, but heck. I'm super shy and clumsy, so I'll stick to the wii :p
  • KurlyPrincessKurlyPrincess TennesseeRegistered Users Posts: 1,847
    lol Yeah, I'm always going the opposite way of everyone else... But I can definitely feel the burn too!
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    I'm still having a blast with the Wii game! I actually look forward to exercising each morning.

    But, I need to find a better pair of shoes for it... I do it in a carpeted room, and if I go without shoes, I get blisters on my feet. But when I wear athletic shoes, they get stuck on the carpet, and it makes it hard to move around (and they've made me twist my ankle a couple of times)!

    What do you guys wear? Maybe I'm just over thinking it! :p

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    i bought the dvd of this but havent tried it

    has anyone had weight loss results with zumba????
  • evelynnalfredevelynnalfred Registered Users Posts: 324
    I use it on my XBox. I feel like it burns a lot of calories.
  • irociroc Central MassRegistered Users Posts: 7,890 Curl Neophyte
    I did 40 minutes today.

    I have the same shoes/no shoes problem. And it's pretty hard on my back. I actually want to do it though, and it works up quite a sweat.

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  • KurleeEdnaKurleeEdna Anderson, SCRegistered Users Posts: 714
    I started going to a Zumba class a couple months ago. I only go once a week, but I enjoy it. It's fun when there are more people jumping around with you. :blob5:
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    i am hoping to get it for the wii as a gift sometime soon but i took one class at school and loved it i think it's fun. but most work outs make you look weird anyway i found it the most fun when i switch up from going to gym.

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