cowash vs. nopoo?

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Not sure this is the best place to post this, but I can't find a more likely spot either, so . . .

I came to all of this via devacurl, and so was exclusively using their products, despite those being out of my price range. I mention this because my ignorance is deva-inspired.

I have been using the nopoo, OC, and anGel. I used the nopoo about 1-2 times/week, OC everytime I shower/get my hair wet, etc. I have been reading a lot about the cowash method and am excited that the fave cowash's are products like Suave (84 cents! yes!) and I've read about various less expensive and awesome conditioners, and and and . . .

I don't think I understand the difference (if such a one exists) between 'cowashing' and 'nopooing.' What I'm asking, basically is: is Deva's nopoo just a really pricey co-wash? Or is is doing a different kind of cleansing that I should consider continuing (but maybe looking for another less expensive alternative)?

And where does the clarifying rinse fit in? Is that totally distinct? or does it serve the same purpose as a nopoo/lowpoo type of product?

Thanks in advance for helpin' me out!
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    No-pooing and co-washing used to be essentially the same, but there's now a non-sulfate detergent in NoPoo, so I guess it's somewhere in between co-washing and low-pooing. I personally find VO5 Herbal Essences Kiwi Lime Conditioner my best co-wash, and since I started using it almost never feel the need to low-poo.

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