Conditioner & Styling Questions - Please Help

I actually do not mind my hair getting weighed down because I have so much of it & a lot of volume. Are there any conditioners I can use that might help weight my hair down - I prefer to leave my conditioner in. Are the V05 conditioners I use for co-washing good for leaving in? Or should I try & use the Activate or Trader Joe's conditioner that I have been experimenting with? I stopped using the Deva line as I think it has been drying my hair out.

Also, I am having a hard time finding a good styler that will not leave crunch, but will hold all of my hair without frizz. I have samples of [buylink=]Curls Whipped Cream[/buylink] & Souffle coming & am hoping I like one of them. I am also contemplating buying White Boots, but am unsure how that will work in my hair. I have heard that Boots gives some shrinkage - if anything I want to elongate my curls. I have 3B (maybe some 3C also, not sure) curls & a lot of hair.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.