Curly Roots Straight Ends. help?!

It seems that I have lost my 3b curls. My hair doesnt curl at the ends anymore. I noticed that my hair started to straighten out about 7 months ago (January). My roots are curly though but about an 1inch down then at the shaft it straightens out.

-I have dyed my hair for the past 3 years. I only dye it 3 times a year though.
-I am 20 years old.
-I am on birth control. I have been on it since I was 15. 4 different types/brands.

The hair at the back of my head curls (my hair is above shoulder length, an a-symmetrical cut) and so do my roots but the majority of my hair is practically straight.

I just started a new no-sulfate and no-silicone shampoo/conditioner regiment and I just bought the mixed chicks deep conditioner and am planning on deep conditioning once a week.

I would love to have my curly curly hair back. I don't know if my hair is just really damaged (I have done a lot of straightening/blow drying) and just needs time to heal. I don't know if its my hormones from naturally getting older thats making my hair change.

I would love some suggestions of what I could do. Should i get a perm? I really miss my curls :sad10:

I've attached before and after pics. u can see the difference between how my hair was and how it is now.


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    I dont know if length is a big issue for you but sweetheart,you might have to sacrifice some in. for the naughty you placed on your hair. you practically wished your ends straight but your roots dont agree. i am going through the same thing on the sides/bangs , so i generally think a new haircut(always nice) that will either rock your curls or ruin them,will solve your problem. Do what makes you comfortable.find a picture,or design your own CG stylle so your curls can come back to lyfe!***
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    I have a small section of heat damage where it is straight and I have found no matter how many treatments you do it won't go back to It's original texture. Best thing to do is cut the ends and learn not to do it again

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    Your hair is most likely very damaged. Hide that blowdryer and flat iron! With repeated use over long periods of time, your hair will get so damaged that it won't curl anymore. Adding LOTS of extra moisture to your routine will help, too. Try doing some weekly/twice weekly protein treatments and deep conditioning treatments. That will help your hair to a certain extent. If your hair is super damaged, you will have to get it cut and start fresh. You might want to consider going CG, too! It will help with any moisture issues and it will get your hair in a better/healthier state.

    Good luck!
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    I made an account just so I could reply to this. I have the same problem. Although your hair is a lot thicker and fuller than mine. But the wavy roots and straight ends is still me. Everyone thinks I'm lying about never having had a perm. Your curls are a lot bigger than mine. Are you biracial? If you are then you should look into products for mixed girls. They're very popular right now. Something is damaging our hair.
    Everyone says to cut the ends off, but when I did, the ends would straighten again. Have you tried cutting off your straight ends?
    The obvious answer is to go natural and avoid the heat, but my hair's strange texture doesn't look too good natural. Good luck!!!