A question about detangling long hair

Hi everyone!

I found this forum a week ago and have since been reading up on the CG method, and I'm hopeful to finally have a reliable method. So far I've co-washed twice, and both times I've ended up with fuzzy undefined curls. I've also had a hell of a time trying to detangle in the shower. I have thick waist-length hair.

Normally I use a natural bristle paddle brush before I shower, or between washings if I'm styling it, and it doesn't take long to detangle. The first time I tried to use my fingers to detangle as suggested here, it just seemed comically slow and it was hard to get my fingers into the knots.

I use Tresemme Naturals Nourishing conditioner and a medium-tooth comb. I also tried Giovanni's Tea Tree conditioner, it didn't make combing easier. I also tried one shower combing/cowashing upside down, and the other right side up. I mean, it cane be done if it must... but I think doing so much combing in the shower flattens my curls, because both times I ended up with rather fuzzy undefined curls.

So my question is... is there a reason for detangling only in the shower? Is it for the health of the hair to reduce breakage? If so, I would probably stick to detangling dry hair before I shower. Or is it because it's supposed to give more lift and separation to the curls? I usually have a lovely chalk-sized spiral at my temple or nape because those strands of hair stay separated from the rest of my hair, but the rest of my curls stick to each other and form an s-wave pattern because there's not enough room on my head for them each to have their own drying space, haha.

Here, my hair is shorter but my curls are still stuck to each other and chunks are failing to curl properly because of that.

The wall of hair, from a single right-side-up shampoo, squeezing out the excess water with some gel at the end, maybe it included some drying time in a bun...which I do often when my curls don't spiral well... it looks so great but the weather destroys it.


This is my hair (pre-CG) after shampooing upside down 3 consecutive times. I usually don't shampoo more than once, and I think it causes a lot of oils to remain on my hair which is good for it but it weighs it down and I don't get that curly.


And this is my hair when my curls fail to clump well and I end up a frizzy mess. Maybe not this bad, but that's what my hair been doing with the CG method. Is it the combing?


My, that was long... thanks for reading!