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So I am 15 years old and planning on going to sleepaway camp again this year, so I wanted an at home keratin product that would work in making my hair more manageable during those hectic weeks. I picked up an at home keratin glazing treatment by Cactus Salon. With my mom's help, I applied the product and followed the vague directions on the bottle WORD FOR WORD. After the designated 24 hour wait period i washed my hair and left it natural. My curls were a little looser and I had a little less frizz, but I found my hair was twice as poofy (then again it was a humid day so idk). That night I tried to blow out my hair. Terrible. I am relatively good at this, as is my mom with experience blowing her half african hair for such a long time. Kinks formed in my hair and would not go away no matter how hard we tried. My hair got poofy and stiff. More than a usual amount of my hair began to fall out. we still had half the bottle left so my mom and I decided to use more, in our second attempt in order to calm down my new lion's maine. that was 24 hours ago. I just washed my hair and tried to blow it right away. It was more difficult than usual but did not fall out as much. However my hair still is not cooperating. I didn't see it natural yet...I'm afraid.


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    Sorry about that experience. I tried the Organix keratin treatment and my hair was not necessarily poofier but it was hard, because I think I put too much of the treatment in.But when I did wash out my hair ( 4 days later) My hair was sooooooo soft and the curls loosened out majorly!. I am 3c/4a ish and my hair texture loosened out to about 3b 3a I think?

    So just wait til you wash it out til you make your final statement about it. I plan on using the QOD treatment once I take out my weave.

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