Vegan alternative to Chi Silk Infusion ?

CoaCoaBean08CoaCoaBean08 Posts: 734Registered Users
A good straightening serum basically.
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  • AlliekinsAlliekins Posts: 21Registered Users
    chi silk infusion is (or at least it used to be) FULL of silicants not good. Biosilk is a better alternative (but ahh still not vegan).

    Avedas smooth infusion line is THA BOMB and most of their products are vegan. I heard body-shop is coming out with a good silicant paraben free hair care line too. Might be something to check out as they have a lot of vegan products too.
  • inmymindimfrenchinmymindimfrench Posts: 2Registered Users
    I like to use Watermelon Seed Oil and a couple drops of Olio di Jasmine to straighten my hair. However, the Oscar Blandi Olio di Jasmine has three cones as the first perhaps try out a combo of watermelon seed oil (very lightweight and great for hair) and safflower oil (natural and has a high heat tolerance-445F). I get my Watermelon Seed Oil at (lots of sizes, 4oz goes for $16). They also sell safflower but its a huge 64 oz bottle, so I just get organic safflower oil from my local grocery store. Not sure how natural you wanted to go, but hope I helped a little!

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