Bad Keratin treatments: Did Coppola change their formula?

Just wondering if anyone has heard that Coppola changed their formula?

I've had my suspicions after the Brazilian formaldehyde scare beginning of this year as I've talked to 5 people that have had treatments in the last 6 months that were bad and dried their hair out or they didn't take at all.

I've had 3 treatments done in the last 2 years, the 1st two were great but the last one I had done in march made my hair dry out and tangle. It had a sort of sticky feeling and had more curl and texture than before like it didn't take all the way.

Also someone said her stylist told her extreme temps can made keratin go bad....wondering if anyone has heard that as well??

I want to get another treatment but I don't want to ruin my hair and spend that kind of money on something less than perfect!!


  • BlondaBlonda Posts: 12Registered Users
    I can't tell you anything about Coppola, but I had 2 Brazilian Blowouts with very different results -- one not so great.

    First one was fabulous! The stylist really knew what he was doing. I have fine, shoulder length hair and he spent a good 45 minutes applying the product in very thin layers of hair with very, very little product. He actually explained to me that many stylists use too much. He uses only a small capful for most clients and used even less on me. There were no fumes at all during this treatment. He also spent just as much time blowdrying and hot ironing my hair. It was so smooth it was like dolls hair. I had horrible frizzed/heat damanged ends before the treatment, and after, you would have never known.

    2nd treatment, about 3.5 months later, I had done by a different stylist. Got a great deal with a Groupon (I guess you get what you pay for :goofy:). She used genuine BB products (well at least they smelled the same and were in the same bottles). She totally globbed on the product in about 10 minutes. So much that when she was blowdrying my hair I was choking on the fumes, just from the blowdryer! Also the blowdryer so was hot it was buring my scalp. She didn't spend the time drying it super smooth and straight, and she also whipped the hot iron through in thick sections. It was straight and flat, but not anything like it was with my first treatment. Ends were frizzy and it hung totally limp on my head. Very different results. That's actually what drove me to start going curly again and trying the curly girl method.

    I just think too much product, too much heat, etc. can damage your hair or just go overall bad. I think there is a fine line between done right for perfect results, or a rushed job with imperfect results. Were your treatments done by the same person?
  • Grady'sGirlGrady'sGirl Posts: 2Registered Users
    Hey thanks of the women I knew that got a bad one did get a BB.

    I've had the same stylist every time and the last one I got she did it in record time. I wonder if it's just the stylists' getting impatient? I'll have to talk to her, I was told that it takes less time the consecutive ones you get, but if the keratin's completely gone then it should be done the same as the 1st one and I waited 5 months so maybe it was completely gone.

    My hair is starting to drive me nuts so I think I'll go for it again but have a little talk first. I'll post again when I get it done and let you know, thanks again for the post!
  • JennCJennC Posts: 1Registered Users
    I have been getting the Coppola treatment for a while now, and my hair seems to build up an immunity to products. When I went in this last week to get it done again, my stylist said that Coppola had changed their formula. She had used the new formula on three of her clients and all of them said that their hair seemed to be straighter after they had it done. She also said it left the hair less sticky when it was complete. There was also a difference this time in the process. Normally the hair gets blowdried and straightened with the product on the hair, and you have to wait the 72 hours to wash it. This last time, she washed the solution out and then dried and straightened it, and told me that I didn't have to wait to wash. I haven't washed it, and will wait the 72 hours just to be on the safe side so we'll see. I will post again after I wash it and style it to see if there is a difference!
  • NappNapp Posts: 180Registered Users
    It seems like the newer treatments contain cysteine instead of formaldehyde. What i dont get is how the same ingredient could have such variable results. I have 2 different treatments that contain this ingredient. They both loosen the hair but one has a much stronger almost permanent effect while the other I can literally use weekly and it will not smooth the hair further than the first time.

    I still havent found a new formula that works as well as the formaldehyde version and is not permanent.

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