Are there any good anti-humidity products for unrelaxed heat straightened hair?

MIA1487MIA1487 Curl NeophytePosts: 85Registered Users Curl Neophyte
Heat straightened by a blow dryer, not really straightened, just puffed out(blow dried out).

I like the puffiness but i don't like the frizzness
This may be confusing though LOL


  • BigHairLalaBigHairLala Posts: 116Registered Users
    I know what you mean. Something to calm and smooth a bit, yeah? I like the new Loreal smoothing serum. Sulphate and silicone free. I love it over a blow out as much as I do used to SOTC when I go curly, it's great,
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  • CurlyAsh215CurlyAsh215 Posts: 1Registered Users
    I desperatley need help with this issue. In the summertime i get so bored with my curls, but b/c of the humidity I have no choice. I am just itching to straighten my hair but as soon as I step outside, poof!
    I blow dry first, then flat iron. Its silky smooth until I face the heat. Is there anything I can do/use that will withstand the humidity?? Its my worst enemy. Please help. Thanks!! Oh and I am a 3c. :)
  • ohbbyohohbbyoh Posts: 9Registered Users
    I'm now using a new product called Mizani, it works wonders.
  • AlliekinsAlliekins Posts: 21Registered Users
    MIA: I know what you mean. When I "poof" my hair out I load it up with mousse first. I use sebastian Whipped Creme mousse. Its super light and actually looks and smells like ready whip. The mousse helps it keep its volume but makes it not dry gross frizzy but still airy and puffy.

    Curlyash: Make sure you are using a GOOD Flatiron on the lowest heat setting you can get away with. Also let your hair REST between heat treatments. I like to blowdry my wet hair the night before, load it up with biosilk and sleep on it. When I wake up its super soft and well rested from the heat damage the night before. I then flat-iron in sections using a lil more biosilk and spray with a shine mist.

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