Salon relaxer didn't work, pretty please help?

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Hi everybody,

First off, I'm new to and very happy to have found this website! I really hope you guys have some advice for me because I am desperate.

I have very curly hair (3a-3b), and last year I had a very short pixiecut which I am growing out now. My hair is finally at 'that length', where I can't really do anything with it. I have always straightened my hair, I like the way it looks on me better and it gives me more options. So I went to the salon a few weeks back and had it relaxed, I was told it was a pretty mild relaxer which would leave my hair wavy instead of pokerstraight. When I washed it after 3 days, it still looked exactly the same. I was disappointed of course, and my hairdresser was very surprised.

So I went back last week and she used a stronger one, but after I washed it after 3 days, it now simply looks messed up. My hair is not as curly as before, but now looks very awkward part wavy part curls. I could just cry :(
I did this so I don't have to flat iron my hair every time after I wash it but now I'll have to just to make it look normal! I don't want to try an even stronger relaxer because my hair still feels fairly ok and I don't want to completely murder it. What's a girl to do? I am half Caucasian half Indonesian if it matters, even though most Indonesian women have gorgeous thick straight hair, I was 'blessed' with my red headed dad's curls.

Any advice on what I can do? I already wash/condition my hair with sulfate free shampoo (about once every 3 days) and spray on heat protection before I use heat. Any wonder products? Supertips? I considered going to a salon for African/American hair but I don't know if those products will be too aggressive for my hair.

Thanks for reading my story, I hope someone can help me out!

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