Does this sound like a good spray??

hey so im kinda new and on a budget but i've found some stuff lying around that you guys have mentioned and im wondering what ones would be good to dilute with water (depends on thickness) and use as a refresher/leave-in spray. ok so i have:
alove vera juice
hehh condish
water (duh)
lavender essential oil
avocado oil
pantene leave in
a cheapy no name mousse that happens to be cg (yay!)
vo5 super hold gel
tea tree oil
eucalyptus oil
yeah so tell me what i should include in my mix, what i probably should avoid etcect, thanx :D


  • Blonde_Wave_LoverBlonde_Wave_Lover Posts: 37Registered Users
    oh yeah and salt
  • crimsonshedemoncrimsonshedemon Posts: 2,098Registered Users

    Enter "refresher spray" in to the search feature and you'll get a ton of info

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