Perm Confusion!

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Ok, so i usually get a perm/relaxer to make it easier to straighten and comb, but right now when i haven't gotten a touch up in a while, it's really curly at the roots and puffy/zig zaggy/in between straight and something else on the ends. i kno the chemicals r harmful so i might not get a touch up soon. but what i really need is STYLING TIPS! wat should i do with this hair? :O


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    how long is your hair?

    When I transitioned, I did the "model pouf" thing alot to use the volume at my crown to my advantage. Then I'd take about a thousand bobby pins and pin my hair up into loose updos to conceal the fact that my hair was two totally different textures. Play up the "wild or bohemian" styles. Doesn't have to be crazy but if you make it look interesting and exotic maybe use flower pins, interesting clips and bobbypins to hold everything UP, then people wont notice the difference between your relaxer and your new growth. For me it was all about creating a distraction!

    Once my hair got longer and added more weight to the roots it was much less noticeable
  • kat369kat369 Posts: 13Registered Users
    thanks so much that was a lot of help :D
  • letta510letta510 Posts: 60Registered Users
    I had that problem when I transitioned. I would get my relaxed hair to mimic my natural texture by doing perm rod sets. I liked cornrowing the front so I did not have to deal with my happy edges. Lol

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