Health issues caused my hair to curl, I could use some advice

BarefootwomanBarefootwoman Posts: 2Registered Users

After dealing with some health issues, my hair changed from silky and smooth to rough, coarse, wire-y, frizzy, you name it.

I have used all manner of conditioning and protein treatments - nothing works to smooth the surface of the hair or reduce the wirey frizz.

I would like to try a chemical based smoothing treatment. I don't believe I need anything dramatic like a BKT - as I really want to keep my natural wave and do not want stick-straight hair.

Others have suggested Pravana Perfection and California Smooth - can anyone here vouch for these?

I sure would appreciate all advice - this issue is upsetting to me...

thank you so much, bf


  • BarefootwomanBarefootwoman Posts: 2Registered Users
    Also recommended is something called Marcia Texeira - the "SOFT" chocolate version.

    Thank you!

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