Pintura method vs Wella

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I am interested in lightening my hair to make for a brighter adn warmer color (my hair is almost black now) for my wedding. I did my research and here are my top choices:
1. Go to a Deva salon and get the Pintura method with Goldwell dye
2. Go to a Ouidad salon and get wella dye

I hear great things and mediocre things about the Pintura method on the sight adn pretty much nothing about Goldwell. On the otherhand, I have found sme articles on the benefits of wella dye on curly hair. I am trying to damage my hair the least amount as possible.

I scheduled a consultation with both salons so I can make my decision. Any advice on what I should be considering, your experiences, your recommendation or even additional questions to ask. Does it even matter and should I just go with the salon that can do my wedding hair trial the best?

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    I was a Goldwell rep for 3 years back in the 90's. I was really very convinced that Goldwell was tied for first place for lowest damaging with Scwartzkopf, a very similar color line from Germany as well.

    Wella is not a bad line, but Goldwell does have it's advantages. Firstly, the pigments are smaller which means the cuticle does not have to be opened as much to get the pigment to deposit. Goldwell is gentler and has less ammonia, offering you less damage.

    You're getting highlights so this does not really apply to you, but there is a semi-permanent, Colorance in the same color that is used to refresh the ends.. you never pull through the permanent color.. so you keep the hair in the best condition possible.

    There is a drawback with Goldwell and that is, because it is more gentle, you need to do more to cover grey.. like using a higher ratio of color to processing lotion (called a bristle mix), or pre-softening with color and water to open the cuticle more.

    I would say with one time highlights, you are not going to really go wrong with either color line, but if you're going to get them re-highlighted again and again, I would highly recommend using the Goldwell system. If your highlights fade you can always get a totally non damaging Colorance semi or use the Soft Color refresher at home.

    I have not read much on the pintura method but assuming it is painting on the color freehand.
    If you are planning on keeping your highlights, pintura may be great for being able to do the roots without double processing any hair.. matching up the root highlighting with the existing highlights would take a really experienced colorist to do well... I used to know a top stylist/colorist who could do foil method this way! It was amazing to watch him part the hair exactly and weave his comb in and out matching the hairs exactly.. the guy was a Michelangelo, I swear!
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    Thanks for the response! Is it recommended to do all over color or highlighting for the best effect? One stylist recommended doing all over color and the other recommended highlighting. Do you have to do permanent with highlighting?
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