Letting kalpi tone soak in tea?

CurlyCoilyMeCurlyCoilyMe Posts: 130Registered Users
Hi. For a while i have been using kalpi tone, and i really really love it.:love4: My shedding hairs is significant reduced. But i would ask if any of you know or have tryed to let it soak in tea overnight as the packet advice you to do for deep coloring effect? Have you seen any dark coloring effects and if so is the color permanent of will it just go of after a while?
Thanks in advance!


  • lady1gryphonlady1gryphon Posts: 85Registered Users
    Yes I use it but I dissolve mine in a oil and apply at night and co wash in the morning. I also put a couple of tablespoons in my henna treatments. Darkening is not an issue for me because I am trying to achieve color.
  • CurlyCoilyMeCurlyCoilyMe Posts: 130Registered Users
    Okay thank you. :) So it darkens a little when you do like that?